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Библиотека - Alexandersson Living Water Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy (1990).pdf
This is Olof Alexandersson's fascinating book Living Water - Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy (1990) which tells the story of a pioneering Austrian naturalist and iconoclast who pointed the way to a completely new understanding of the vast potential of natural energy. Schauberger, a famous austrian natural philosopher, predicted the ecological catastrophes which are occuring all around us and proposed the solution - return to the principles of mother nature. By studying fish in streams and by closely observing the natural water cycle, he was able to solve basic problems of energy transformation. He also saw that modern man, without realizing it, was destroying the earth and sabotaging his own culture by working against Nature. All the prevailing methods of energy generation ? from hydro-electric to nuclear fission ? produce harmful long-term effects on the environment and encourage disease. Schauberger had a clear vision of how fertility could be restored to the earth. As an inventor he developed a number of ingenious machines which would revolutionize farming, horticulture, forestry and aircraft propulsion. He developed water purification systems, and showed how air and water could be harnessed as fuels for many machines. His discovery of implosive energy and diamagnetism had many practical applications, most of which have yet to be developed. Living Water presents the theories of Viktor Schauberger which can have staggering implications for the future of our technological civilization. 155 pages, many pictures. A must read from everyone.
Размер файла: 2.45 MB Дата публикации: 2007-10-23
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